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Keep yourself and your baby healthy with our pre and post pregnancy yoga classes


You plan so many things that you’d do for your baby. The toys you’ll buy, the clothes you’ll make your baby wear and even the school you’ll send your baby to! There’s one more thing that you must include in your preparation for the arrival of the newest member of your family. Commit to your own physical health and peace of mind. Why? Because only a strong and healthy mother can raise and care for a healthy baby. Have a look at the Features of pregnancy programs in our pregnancy yoga classes.


There are many things that go into ensuring that the mother is ready to face the challenge of labor and parenting, but in essence, it all boils down to two things: (1) Knowledge about what to expect in pregnancy and what you can do to make things easy, and (2) Exercise. Happie Bumps looks after fulfilling both these requisites with its Prenatal and Postnatal Programs that include two essential components: Information Sessions and Exercise Sessions. The Information Sessions at Happie Bumps (pregnancy yoga classes) cover everything you need to know, from labor to baby care to nutrition, and also involve your partner. These sessions also provide you with a platform to discuss your queries and worries. The Exercise Sessions implement a well-planned exercise regime tailored for your body type and matched to your specific needs, as a pregnant woman. Exercise plays a crucial role in maintaining the mother’s physical and psychological well-being. Also, the exercises are designed with total safety for you,  And your baby as the foremost from the features of pregnancy yoga classes.


Enjoy personal attention in our flexible and comprehensive Programs


We understand it isn’t always possible to join into a prenatal and postnatal program right from the word ‘go’. With so many matters to take care of, it just isn’t easy to prioritize counseling and exercise. That is why at Happie Bumps, we go the extra mile and make sure that no matter at what stage in your pregnancy you join us, you end up with the confidence you need to go through childbirth. Even if it means arranging one on one discussions, especially for you. With the help of our flexible scheduling, you complete all the sessions that are needed to prepare you for the big day.


Our classes are intentionally small in size, which makes it easy for us to focus on individuals. which is good for Features of our pregnancy programs. Every individual is different and Happie Bumps takes this fact to heart? We want to be that friend of yours with whom you can discuss whatever you want, with just one difference: We know our stuff well, and you are sure to get science-backed answers that will put your mind at ease.

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Experience the unique combination of expertise in pregnancy education and exercise science


Happie Bumps was born when its founder, Dr. Aruna Dharia found herself panting after mere minutes of exercise during her first pregnancy. This, in spite of being a trained and practicing physiotherapist who coaches others in exercise science. This experience left her determined to learn what it takes to maintain health and poise during pregnancy. As a result, she holds the honor of being both a certified Child Birth Educator from CAPPA, USA and a qualified physiotherapist with specialty training in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from Melbourne, Australia.


This combination makes Happie Bumps a one of a kind place that is just perfect pregnancy yoga classes to prepare expecting mothers for an enjoyable pre and post-delivery life. Being a mother of two dynamites of kids herself, she also knows first-hand the complaints and concerns of new mothers. The Programs of pregnancy yoga classes at Happie Bumps are created with a solid base in science in the areas of both pregnancy counseling and musculoskeletal fitness. They are then given the touch of tender loving care that can only result from a practical understanding of what it feels like to be a mother.


Make your pregnancy fun and happy


Motherhood triggers so many tender feelings within you, doesn’t it? Those tiny fists, those exquisite little feet and most of all, the gentle heartbeat that you can see on your ultrasound! Don’t these just set your heart fluttering with joy? How you long to finally touch that supple, incredibly soft skin and give your bundle of joy the warmest caress. It is true what they say. There really isn’t anything like being a mother. The thought of being a mother, however, also brings along with it a dread: The fear of labor. For most pregnant women; even if it is for the second time, the thought of labor and birth can induce a lot of anxiety.


And this is where Happie Bumps comes in. Happie Bumps works with the aim to empower you to truly cherish this special time in your life. We help you have a stress-free, healthy pregnancy that concludes with smooth labor. And once you are in the overwhelming phase of being a new mother,  And that thought of getting back to shape hits you. (as it sure will) Happie Bumps will ensure you get a safe and effective way to do just that. Pregnancy, as research has proven, is also a unique opportunity to make lasting changes in your health behavior, and Happie Bumps makes sure you make the most of this experience. this is the guaranteed one from the Features of pregnancy programs in our pregnancy yoga classes.

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