Prenatal Yoga Classes, Mumbai

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Prenatal Yoga Classes is a specially designed practice for pregnant women with the emphasis on stretching, stamina building, focused breathing and mental relaxation…with the aim to have a stress free, healthy pregnancy, smooth labor, delivery and recovery.

During pregnancy, Especially that time your body goes through a myriad of physical changes. Let’s not forget the anxiety, fear, and anticipation that it brings along.

This can be quite demanding on your body both physically and mentally.  but if we use our yoga practices wisely we can support these changes making us strong and flexible in all the right places and also quieten up the mental stress helping us maintain a healthy mind and body.

Prenatal Yoga Classes can also help you meet and bond with other pregnant women and prepare for the stress of being a new mother.

 Activities during Prenatal Yoga classes

A typical Prenatal Yoga class extends over a period of 45 minutes and will involve


you will learn to focus on breathing in and out slow and deep. Breathing exercises coupled with arm and spine movements encourages reaching and opening the tight spaces which will help you reduce and manage shortness of breath especially during the later trimester when the increasing bump size makes breathing quite an effort. The breathing exercises also prepare your mind and body to breathe your way through labor contractions…a practice that becomes very handy when you are dealing with the pain of contractions


Pregnancy brings along with it a host of postural changes. These postures cause certain muscle groups in your body to shorten and tighten. You will be encouraged to gently stretch different areas of your body which are most vulnerable to tighten up like the front of the hips, back muscles, the front of the chest, inner thighs etc. Gently stretching these muscle groups will help ease off the discomforts that the typical pregnancy posture brings along.You will feel your body open up and lighten up with these effective stretches.


You will move your body through various exercises and holding postures in the sitting, lying down and standing positions aimed at developing strength, stamina, and balance. Strength and stamina are typically required to sail through the physical demands of pregnancy, labor contractions and post delivery recovery. Props such as blocks, cushions, and belts maybe used for support and comfort


Every session of Prenatal Yoga ends with a relaxation session. During these five minutes of restoration, you are encouraged to pay attention to your breathing, thoughts, sensations to bring about a state of inner calm and wellness. A feature that most women really appreciate and enjoy and find very effective.


Prenatal Yoga is good for overall wellness of both the mom and baby. It has many benefits


  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Reduced discomfort
  • Boosts your circulation….


Talk to your doctor and get a go-ahead from him before you indulge in Prenatal Yoga.

You might not be able to do Prenatal Yoga if you are at a risk of preterm delivery, have certain placental conditions etc. So its best to get your doctors consent.

While there are many benefits of Prenatal Yoga, But it is also important to consider that not all yoga is safe for pregnant women.

Poses like deep twisting, lying on your back, requiring a lot of abdominal stretching, deep forward or backward bends are needed to be avoided.

Avoid poses in which you need to extend your legs above heart level

It is imperative to modify poses and to accommodate changes in your center of gravity.

Don’t overdo it…now is not the time to push yourself or master a new technique. Listen to your body, start slow and pay attention to how you feel

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