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A practice specially designed for pregnancy, prenatal exercise or exercise during pregnancy aims at keeping both your body and mind fit throughout pregnancy, during labor and beyond. we have prenatal classes Mumbai

BODY CHANGES THAT OCCUR WITH PREGNANCY AND THE IMPORTANCE OF EXERCISE (learn with the best trainer at prenatal classes Mumbai)

As pregnancy progresses, the abdominal muscles stretch to accommodate the increase in weight and size of the growing baby. With the increase in weight in front of the body, the body responds with a lot of postural changes – the pelvis tilts forward, the hip muscles get shorter and tighter and the hamstrings lengthen. These changes can create great discomfort in the lower back, sacroiliac joints, and hips….. Thus, practicing exercises to stretch the tight hip muscles without overstretching the abdominal muscles is of importance. Core abdominal exercises will be important to help strengthen and stabilize this area. Exercises to strengthen the gluteals and hamstrings will work to ease the impact of these postural changes, adding strength and stability to the body to cope with what is to come.


The increased weight of the uterus on the pelvic floor can cause your pelvic floor muscles to stretch and weaken thus affecting the strength, health, and functionality of the pelvic floor it is, therefore, important to begin conditioning of your pelvic floor muscles from the start of pregnancy. Pelvic floor exercises should continue throughout pregnancy and recommence as soon as you feel it is comfortable after birth

As your baby grows, the uterus pushes up onto your diaphragm causing shortness of breath….breathing exercises practiced as a part of prenatal exercises helps to cope with this. Practice your sessions at our prenatal classes Mumbai

The increase in size and weight of your breasts can cause rounding of shoulders and an overstretched and weak upper back. It is important to be aware of this and strengthen the upper back muscles to maintain good posture.


In most cases, if not all, it is perfectly safe to exercise during pregnancy. You will find that it is even recommended. Pregnant women are asked to stay active during pregnancy unless they have some health conditions suggesting otherwise.

While it is advised to exercise and remain active, it is important to know that pregnancy is not the time to push yourself or master a new technique. Bear in mind that it is a time to maintain rather than improve fitness.

It is extremely important to listen and respond to your body. Always err on the side of caution…if you are in doubt, don’t do it

It is important to consult and get the go-ahead from your doctor before starting any new exercise routine.


Research studies show that carefully planned exercises during pregnancy offer multiple health benefits

  • heart and lung function improves
  • improves your strength and stamina
  • improves your posture
  • helps control excessive weight gain
  • boosts your circulation
  • relieves muscle aches and cramps
  • reduces digestive discomfort
  • also helps in emotional well-being- reduces stress, balances out mood swings and promotes a positive outlook

So, prepare yourself to sail through the ups and downs of pregnancy with ease and comfort. Exercising during pregnancy or following a structured prenatal exercise program is the most efficient way to prepare yourself to deal with these changes and get your body ready for the baby.

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