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We know how it goes. After the initial elation and joy of the news of a pregnancy, there creeps in the stress. Questions start popping up. What changes will happen to my body? How tough is labor going to be? Can I really pull this off? And, most of all, how do all Hollywood moms get back in shape once they deliver? Will I be able to? you’re all search ends here at our pregnancy exercises classes


Pregnancy is a special time in your life. Happie Bumps was created with the purpose of taking the fear out of it and making it memorable. Research shows that two things are important when it comes to making pregnancy an experience to revere: 1) Knowledge, and 2) Exercise. Happie Bumps, with its one-of-a-kind dual expertise in pregnancy counseling and exercise science, has crafted two Programs of exceptional value so that: A) You breeze through your pregnancy, and B) You get back in shape after. Excited? What’s more, our Programs are designed with a unique flexible schedule. You can join in at any time you want. Read on or call us to know more details of our science-backed, easy yet effective Programs. Also, check out the FAQs for a detailed discussion of many common queries.

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The Prenatal Program

pregnancy exercises classes


The Prenatal Program is the perfect companion for pregnant women. It was crafted to make your pregnancy a joy to go through and has two elements:



You can register for our exercise sessions any time after completing your third month. With specialty training in exercise science from Melbourne, Australia, Exercise Sessions at Happie Bumps are not only effective but fun. join our pregnancy exercises classes for your Happy bumps.


Therefore Keeping safety as the paramount priority, an assessment is carried out to create a personalized exercise plan that suits you perfectly.


The sessions are conducted twice a week and usually last an hour at Happie Bumps pregnancy exercises classes. A typical exercise session includes stretching, strengthening of arms and legs, pelvic floor exercises, exercises to maintain and improve your abdominal strength, breathing techniques, and relaxation. We use a lot of elastic bands, small weights, and fitness balls to make the classes efficacious and enjoyable. Working in small groups allows us time for individual attention and close supervision at our pregnancy exercises classes.



Do you know the perfect antidote for all that anxiety you feel about what your pregnancy will bring to the fore? Knowledge. And that’s why we have the Informative Sessions. In around ten sessions we talk you through topics like labor, postpartum care and recovery, breastfeeding, baby care and nutrition. And no, we don’t want you to go back to something like that boring school class that you waited to get over with. We use videos and props to make understanding the nuances of becoming a parent easier and fun.


These sessions are carried out on Saturdays and can be attended by your partner as well to prepare him so that he can support you. Especially these sessions provide you with a great platform to discuss your apprehensions, anxieties, experiences, and beliefs. Sorta like talking with your elderly family member who can provide you with advice on things you don’t know. Except with a lot of scientific accuracies.


The Postnatal Program


The arrival of the newest member of the family can bring forth a slew of changes. But personally, for you, the biggest of them is the change in your physical appearance and the psychological downturns that it brings along with it. That’s where our Postnatal Program helps you. With an emphasis on designer exercise regimes, astonishing progress can be achieved in a short while to give you your original physique back – or even improve upon it, and restore your confidence in yourselves.



So how exactly do we do this? Well, to begin with, we conduct a thorough assessment to get an idea of the precise muscle groups that are to be targeted, all the while keeping an eye on things like separation of the abdominal wall that require us to modify the exercises appropriately.With our dual talent in physiotherapy and pregnancy care, we help you find the exercise plan that is just right for you. The exercises are aimed at toning and strengthening appropriate muscles Hence we also help you fit your exercise schedule into your busy routine, with the typical frequency of sessions being thrice a week, each session lasting for an hour.


Once you are in our routine, you will start noticing benefits like enhancement of the overall strength and tone, improved posture, improved core strength and pelvic floor strength; and as a result of all these physical changes, a general feeling of well being and confidence.


How soon can you enrol? As soon as 6 weeks post delivery. But really, you stand to gain a lot even if you join later.

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