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You plan so many things that you’d do for your baby. Most of all, The toys you’ll buy, the clothes you’ll make your baby wear and even the school you’ll send your baby to! There’s one more thing that you must…


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First of all, we understand it isn’t always possible to join into a prenatal and postnatal program right from the word ‘go’. Probably with so many matters to take care of, it just isn’t easy to prioritize counseling and exercise.


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Happie Bumps was born when its founder, Dr. Aruna Dharia found herself panting after mere minutes of exercise during her first pregnancy. This, in spite of being trained and practicing.

Pregnancy Exercise Classes (By Dr. Aruna Dharia )


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Motherhood triggers so many tender feelings within you, doesn’t it? Those tiny fists, those exquisite little feet and most of all, the gentle heartbeat that you can see on your ultrasound!…

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Prenatal Program

The Prenatal Program (Pregnancy Exercise Classes) is the perfect companion for pregnant women.  So in addition to it was crafted to make your pregnancy a joy to go through and has.

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Postnatal Program

The arrival of the newest member of the family can bring forth a slew of changes. But especially, for you, the biggest of them is the change.

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